Ruili to Lianghe

In between Ruili and Yingjiang there's three long mountain ranges running north to south, these mountains aren't as sickening as the ride from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng however they are about as beautiful, the whole thee hour bus ride I never got bored of staring out the window. As you come down the west side of the last mountain the Husa river runs along the side of the road, it drops in elevation much quicker than the road allowing you to get beautiful views looking down the canyon to the river as the elevation difference slowly equalizes. 


Going underneath the blocked off road

Bridge @ Yingjiang
From Yingjiang north to Lianghe the road stays next to the Nandi river in between two mountain ranges, it's a much quicker ride with very few surprises, still beautiful though. The total bus time between Ruili and Lianghe was about 4 hours.

Lianghe is a hillside town, the main roads are all at different levels on the hill and in between are hutong-like communities slanted onto the hill. I followed a small river into one of these hutongs looking for a restroom and within 10 minutes I found myself in a pig sty, lucky for me the owner of the pigs approached and was happy to let me use their restroom. 

Looking up from the bottom of the hill

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