Ruili is a small town in the far south of the Dehong prefecture of Yunnan, it lies smack dab on the border with Myanmar. The town is quite similar in appearance to Jinghong with lush surroundings and monsoon like rains, only it's scaled down to 1/10 the size and has most westernized things stripped out of it. If you're Chinese you can cross over the border to Myanmar for the day and visit the China-Myanmar friendship street, this connects Ruili to the town of Muse. Although I wasn't allowed, I could feel the Myanmar side bleeding over into China anyway.

China-Myanmar Border
Not sure if this a Ruili custom or what
During my short stay here I grew quite tired of the local beer selection, however the local food grew on me; I ended up eating primarily out of little hole in the wall places, or street stalls where you can
pick each ingredient if you want. The spicy soup noodles were particularly impressive, although when I asked for full spice it was hot enough to cause a coughing fit and a strange feeling in my stomach afterward

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