Camping at Big Sur

During the week I decided to try some camping at Big Sur on the coast of California. I started by meeting up with my friend in Hollywood on Wednesday and loading both of our tents into his Volkswagen, by 9:30 am we were well packed and got onto the road. Three hours later we stopped in San Luis Obispo at some place called Firestone Grill, where I was forced into ordering a tri tip sandwich by my friend. I wasn't into the idea at first but someone else in the line told me it was the best tri tip sandwich in California, so I got it and I wasn't disappointed  From there we drove up to Cambria to stock up on our food and beer, and then made the final leg of our journey toward Big Sur. Upon arrival in Big Sur, we selected a campsite on the edge of our campground and put the tents up while the sun disappeared.

The morning broke with strobes of light beaming though the trees, I took the opportunity to take some snapshots of the campsite:

rays of light in the morning
my tent
redwood next to my tent
For the day we decided to fit in a couple of destinations, the Julia Pfeiffer and Andrew Molera state parks. We drove south first toward Pfeiffer and found a scenic view of a waterfall.

view north from pfeiffer
pfeiffer waterfall
view south toward waterfall
After hiking around for a bit at Pfeiffer, we got a bite to eat and then drove north to Molera. It didn't take long hiking at Molera before we bumped into a bobcat. It appeared to be hunting for something just off the trail. Once we got out to the shore line the fog rolled in over the coast line, causing about a 40 degree difference from what Pfeiffer was like.

crossing bridge
the bridge
bobcat at Molera
beach at Molera
After returning back to the campsite, we got drunk and put together a fire and did some experimental campfire cooking with any ingredients we had left to work with.

some egg
mighta been smores