Visit to Hearst Castle

After waking up from our drunken campfire, we decided to drive south toward Hearst Castle at San Simeon. The scenery was easier to appreciated knowing that we weren't in as much of a hurry this time. We stopped a couple times to take pictures off the cliffs before we got to our destination.

south on the 1
looking north off the bluff
looking south off the bluff
looking south off something
Before driving into the Hearst Castle parking lot, we decided to check out the elephant seals on the beach. Years before there was no tourist area built out for this, It was a matter of hopping a barbed wire fence and you could go right down to the beach and pet the seals.

elephant seal scratching its butt
some elephant seals swimming
sleeping elephant seals
Once we got in to the Hearst Castle museum building we got the first tickets we could get, taking us up the hill on a bus fifteen minutes later. The tour had also changed since the last time I'd been here. Before the tour started off at the outside pool and ended at the indoor pool beneath the tennis court. This time the just led us right up the main building at the center of the estate, led us through, showed us a movie, and then said feel free to roam around the property as you like.

View of the Castle from the bus ride up

View of the main building

Hearst Table
Hearst Dining Table

Outside Pool at Hearst Castle
Front view of main building
Indoor pool at Hearst Castle