New Years @ Sydney Haurbor

I got back from Newcastle at 6pm on new years eve completely exhausted and called Mr. T about plans for the new years celebration. He opted for the train to Circular Quay, while we were buying tickets at the train station we witnessed out first arrests for the night. There were two drunk Irishmen, one shirtless and deranged looking, both being handcuffed and searched. The less deranged one was heavily resisting the search and it's no wonder cause the cop pulled a baggy of heroin out of his pocket a minute later. Once we got to Circular Quay we discovered the that place had been fenced off completely, it was full and that was that. So we walked up the hill toward Harts pub, and then ventured north on a street leading toward the Harbor Bridge. Here we caught out first glimpse of the moon rising behind the Opera House and then a couple warning shot fireworks.

 We went further north after a while, and found an entrance to Dawes Point directly underneath the the Harbor Bridge. Afloat on Sydney Harbor were boats lit up with "love" and "peace" written on the sides, there was even a pirate ship. Once the show started it was an onslaught of light and sounds for about 20 minutes straight complete with fireworks exploding off of the bridge directly above us. We were in between two different fireworks shows, so we kept looking back and forth to see which one was looking more impressive at that second. After the show finally ended, we ( and 5 million other humans) started walking back home. In the insanity of this mass exodus, we saw tons of creeps and freaks running around drunk and a guy try to mug an Asian chick. In spite of all this we made it back alive and well.