Lord Nelson's Brewery + Lemongrass Thai

Today I woke up not knowing where I might go but eventually I decided that going near water would be a good start. I took the train up to Circular Quay and from there kind of stumbled over the hill to the west side of the Harbour Bridge. First I located the wharf at The Rocks, where I also found a car crushed with a rock. What I think this monument illustrates is the perspective an Australian might have toward life, which probably has something to do with humpty dumpty faced rocks. I grabbed a beer at a hotel at The Rocks which is on the first finger to the east, then I walked westward to find another bar. I found an Italian place, however the server said they could only sell alcohol if I bought food, he directed me to walk south if I wanted a beer so I followed his direction.

The place the Italian guy was referring to was apparently Lord Nelson's Brewery. I was happy to see that there were dark beers on tap, and so I ordered some fish and chips and porter to go with it. The fish and chips was twisted into a spiral for some reason but breaded softly, and tasted pretty good with the aoli mayonnaise sauce ti was served with. The porter however was a slight disappointment, it seamed extremely bitter, and lacking of the cocoa flavor I enjoy in a porter, I decided to order the other dark they had on tap and felt it had the same problems. Although the dark wasn't what I expected, it was still a nice change from what I've gotten used to drinking around here. Lord Nelsons is distinctly different from the other pubs in the area and it's worth checking out.

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Walking back I found my way into darling harbor, where a gigantic rubber duck awaited me. This made about as much sense to me as the rock on the crushed car, who knows maybe they're related in some way.

Back on crown street I was hungry enough I decided to step into Lemon Grass Thai, which I've been scoping out for a while but never tried yet. Its a miniature size venue, but there is an upstairs that was less crowded then the ground floor. The only negative thing about the upstairs is that heat rises, and on a day like today everyone that was up there was sweating. I got myself the duck pancakes and the pork bbq beef salad for 20 dollars total. Oddly the duck pancakes were one fifth the size of the salad and cost 12 while the salad cost 7. The pricing doesn't really make sense but, the salad was great, even reminiscent of the salad I ordered south of Pattaya 6 months ago. If you go here stay away from the duck pancakes and you'll get good value.

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