Le Bain

On our first night we wanted to check out a rooftop bar, we read that the standard had something of this sort, so we rode the subway west. Upon arriving in the meatpacking district, we witnessed an argument between a chick and her cab driver. The lady was screaming about her change causing a scene in front of the bar she was being dropped of at, but the cab driver acted swiftly to end the commotion by punching her to the ground.

After a block or so of walking we found the Standard and made our way up to the top floor. My dress wasn't up to code, so Mr. J approached first with a little act, chatting up the Hostess. By the time I approached he had won them over and they were lenient about the dress code with me.

We sat down at the bar and had a couple drinks. Mr .J ordered a glass of wine without checking the price and got a $35 bill for it.  This place had a pretty nice view, however what we had read about was an open air rooftop, so we did some investigation and found out we were in "Top Of The Standard", but what we were looking for was "Le Bain".

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After finishing up our drinks, we made our way out of the bar and found that the entrance to Le Bain was opposite where we'd entered. Inside we found a dark club with Jacuzzi built into the floor and a ton of people partying. Walking up to the second floor we found the open air bar we had hoped for. The floor was carpeted with grass and the view of the city was unblocked. In addition to alcohol, they also had a small ice cream bar here which seamed to attract a decent amount of business.

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