Wentworth Falls (Blue Mountains)

I was lucky enough to get a Saturday off from work and decided to catch the train up to the Blue Mountains this weekend. I was disappointed to find that there was almost nothing in the town of Wentworth Falls, I couldn't even find a place to pound a couple beers before my hike. What I did find was a burger at a local cafe which I figured would give me enough energy to survive the journey. The trail down to the waterfall area is named after Charles Darwin, a British tourist who I guess hiked this area on vacation. He was the only famous guy who visited Australia so they name everything after him. I located the start of the Darwin Trail right off the main road on the edge of a small park and started my walk.

start of  Darwin Trail

mini waterfall

Weeping rock
Once you hit the end of the Darwin Trail, the trail down Wentworth Falls begins. This trail made me realize it was probably a good thing I didn't get drunk prior to the hike, the stairways you have to go down are at a 45 degree angle and just over the rail is a 100 meter drop. One guy named Josh Furber died here a couple weeks ago after falling over the cliff-side.

Wentworth falls from above
pathway across the top
top of the falls looking over the edge

view from the walkway
stairs down the cliff side
Wentworth Falls  from the bottom

the trail continued on further past the water falls but I stopped here