Seoul - Ria (Korean Food)

Having read a lot of great things about china town on kittymilk,  Mr T and I walked down to see what it was all about. After getting to CBD we pealed our eyelids to find the most interesting place, not a hole in the wall and not a 5 star diner but something in-between. After a bit we came across this Korean place called Seoul Ria on the corner of George and Goldburn, we took the elevator up and after looking around decided this would do.

Seoul Ria from outside
Tony ordered chicken and I ordered pork belly, both were to be cooked in front of us in a mini cooking pot. However when we got our first look at the pork we had our worries, it appeared to be 95 percent fat. I figured maybe all pork belly was like this but the fat just tasted like meet. Along with the cooker, a bunch of side dishes were brought out to enjoy while the main dish simmered.

raw chicken

After about 10 minutes our waiter flagged the pork as safe to eat, and threw the chicken on the pot. I tried to eat a full piece of this pork and what I discovered was that it not only looked disgusting, it also tasted disgusting. Sure there was no meat, but the fat was nasty, I'm sure that without much effort they could have made the fat even taste better.  We picked at some of the pork pieces for a bit, maybe getting 4 or 5 nibbles of meat off of the pieces total. By the time we gave up at this, the chicken had finished. Now the chicken was all meat, however after living in Mumbai I check my meat carefully and upon close inspection this wasn't cooked on the inside. If you're looking for a good Korean place in Chinatown, this is NOT it.

not cooked dish

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