Home Cafe (Thai Food)

 Mr T and I took another venture into Sydney CBD on Friday to visit Chinatown. After the terrible experience with the Korean place, we figured it would be difficult to hit another place that was as bad. What we found finally zeroed in on after an hour walking around was a thai place called Home Cafe This place interested me because it was a coffee shop/thai restaurant filling a two story spot on the corner.
second story
view out window
We decided on a dim-sum appetizer and a beef and a chicken dish. The dim-sum was delish, I couldn't identify the sauce but it was tasty as hell. The beef dish reminded me of the Indian dish chicken keema (similar to egg burji) it just had a slightly different spice to it which shifted it from Indian to Thai. The chicken was a little more average in terms of Thai food, however with a refreshing taste so I'm not complaining.

beef dish

view downstairs

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