Rainy Day at Manly

It was a rainy day which otherwise would have been spent on my computer or at the local bar, however I decided I would venture out anyway and take the ferry ride over to Manly. The place was pretty dead when I got there and my options for food were slim. The only thing opened that looked slightly appealing was this hole in the wall sea food restaurant inappropriately named Watervue. I got the calamari plus fish combo and this filled me up, nothing too special about this place really, well they at least serve beer.

fish + calamari combo
Watervue from second story
Watervue Restaurant on Urbanspoon

After Watervue I walked out to the main road going along the beach and found even more closed places. I walked all the way up the street and back down and there was a single place open called Pirachines. The view from here was ok so I stayed and enjoyed some wine. Before I left I ordered  some sort of alcoholic Russian Coffee thing to reheat my body before venturing back out into the cold. Overall the service sucked here so I wouldn't do this one again.


Russian coffee thing
view of the street as it got dark

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TNA said...

You need to visit Four Pines.