4 Pines Brewing Company

This weekend was another rainy one, despite the rain I managed to get back to Manly. My goal on this day was to try out 4 Pines Brewing Company which TNA recommended. After arriving on the fairy I found my way across the street and up the stairs into the venue, which is like a 50 yard walk from the ferry. It was packed inside and I was forced to steal a seat sandwiched between two couples. I went right ahead with the beer sampler to get a taste of the whole menu and ordered some pork belly to go along with. Of the beer I tried, the Irish Stout was the best, and Hefeweizen stood out out as my second favorite.

4 pines from outside
4 Pines from outside
4 pines logo

4 Pines Bar
4 Pines Bar

Hefewiezen, Kolsch, Pale Ale, Centennial, Irish Stout
Hefewiezen, Kolsch, Pale Ale, Centennial, Irish Stout

When the pork belly came out I was surprised, normally pork belly is chopped up pieces but this was one gigantic piece. I was almost tempted to pick it up with my hands and eat it like a sandwich, which would have been kinda fitting cause both sides of it had the crispy skin layer making it almost feel like two pieces of hard bread with a piece of meat in between. I used my utensils like a civilized human and gobbled this right down. This pork belly's preparation was top notch and fully satisfying as a meal, although 25 bucks is expensive this meal was worth it.

Pork Belly
Beer Brewing
After finishing up at the Brewery I went outside and did some walking around south Manly. Walking west I found an Oceanside pathway which had a great view and I guess there are penguins here according the the signs on the sidewalk. Although I didn't see any penguins the walk was still refreshing, which made me feel like having another beer. After hitting up 4 Pines one more time I made my way back to the ferry and enjoyed the ride back in the rain.

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