Harts Pub

Since during my last visit to Harts Pub I wasn't in favor of ordering off the holiday menu, I decided to go back in last night and try out one of their burgers. I ordered myself The Surprise burger and a paddle of beer, including Butcher Porter, Red Truck Lager, Boxer Red Ale and another porter I cant remember. I felt the porters were both a bit too bitter when drank side by side with the reds, the Boxer was almost like carbonated grapefruit juice, and the Red Truck had a wholesome balance of malt and cream. After the sampler was all finished I ordered a glass of the Red Truck to go with the burger. My burger came out bigger then I'd imagined,  it was listed as 300 grams and it turned out that 300 grams is a lot of burger. I took a couple bites out of this, which in itself was a difficult task, however it was worth the effort to taste the rare meat with custom barbecue sauce and bacon all in one bite. After the first few bites it was impossible to bite in more without getting barbecue sauce all over my face, so I gave into cutting this thing up and ate it with a fork.

these bar goers were suspicious of my behavior
here was the view looking directly up from my table outside
beer paddle
The Surprise
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