The Utah @ SoMa

I made it over to The Utah Saloon last week, inspired mainly by the gigantic sign painted onto the side of the building and the out of place olive colored paint. I found Heretic Porter on tap which kept me in the place long enough to decide to check the menu. I was leaning toward a burger to get some protein, however after talking to the bar tender they said they'd be willing to throw a fried egg onto the Utah Club Sandwich for me. It came out looking quite juicy and I'd say the egg brought it out of the realm of bar food. I've gone back to this at nighttime during the week and I found the place brimming with activity. I bumped into a bartender I recognized from another place and she explained that this is the main hangout for bar/restaurant workers in SoMa. If you go after 11pm, my only warning is to watch out for flying beverage coasters

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