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After getting of to a late start on exploration on this day, I chose to take it easy and track down a rooftop bar in the near vicinity. The Marriott Marquis can be found on 4th street below market, only about a mile from my temporary home, up on the 39th floor is the View Lounge. This place has two rooms with wide open windows opposing one another, looking to the east and the west. If you can manage to get a seat at one of these windows you'll be happy, however there's additional seating with second tier views in the smaller rooms around. I was happy with the slider appetizer I ordered, which consisted of one pulled pork, one chicken and one beef burger. The only downside to this bar is that you can tell it doesn't have any history right when you walk in, which is a nice feature of many bars and restaurants in San Fran. Either way, its worth checking out for the view.

View Lounge view east
View Lounge bar
view west
north west
more north west?
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City picture and food really like. thanks.