Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy is a UNESCO world heritage sight right in the center of Sri Lanka, a 3 hour train ride from the legislative capital Colombo. From the constant jostling of the train to the fruit salesmen walking the isles and the occasional pile of burning trash outside; the ride immediately gives you a sense for what level of development the Sri Lanka is. Aside from the burning stuff, the view outside is great; you can see the landscape evolve from grassland to mountainous jungle as the elevation rises toward Kandy.

Finding a hotel here meant walking the windy roads in the hills surrounding Kandy lake for a couple hours. This was a bit of an exhausting process but it paid off in the end, I was able to get an air conditioned room with a view looking down on the lake from the hillside for the equivalent of 25 usd.

Temple of the tooth
Diyathilaka Mandapaya 

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