Empire State Building

Today was Empire State Building day, however before we could start on our tourist activities for the day, Mr J had to go pick up a cracked iphone he found on craigslist. We headed up to the diamond district on 47th street and while J met up with this shady phone/diamond dealer, I searched for some breakfast. I found a cheep Italian place called Nino's 46 one street down and sat down to order at the bar. My 8 dollar chicken parmesan sandwich was served up in about 5 minutes, allowing me to scarf it down and meet back up with Mr J right away.

Nino's 46

chicken parmesan sandwich
Nino's 46 on Urbanspoon

After the iphone was activated and operating, we headed over toward the Empire State Building. Getting up to the 86th floor requires multiple lines and elevators, all together it took 30 minutes or so. I used the overhead view of the cityscape as an opportunity to search for rooftop bars.

elevator ride
Flat Iron Building
230 Fifth - rooftop bar

Chrysler building 

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