Some Laotian Food @ Luang Prabang

Heres a couple of dishes Ive eaten here in Luang Prabang over the past day or two, so far I have no complaints about the food. The Lao coffee is great also, somewhat similar to vietnamese coffee it seams.

Heres another riverside place I ate at, I got the Laeb Pet which is a spiced lamb dish and a Lao Lao orange juice with it. Be cafefull with lao lao mixed drinks, its cheep as hell so they poor heavy.

Another place I ate at was called HaHa, its stuffed into an alleyway just off of  Sissavangvong Road, initially I ordered the Lap Pork and then I decided to add on Lao Lao and Fried Buffalo Skin. When I placed this order the owner looked at me verry skeptically and said, Oh you want to TRY the buffalo skin, oh well um ok. Once I bit my first bite i realized it probably wasnt the taste he figured would be difficult, it was the toughness. In order to chew this stuff I had to get the piece rolling in my mouth so that the velocity going into each chew was extremely high, otherwsie there was no way to get through it. I got through the whole dish though, and my jaw still hurts.

Ive been going by this Bakery Cafe place each morning to get coffee after I finish my run, today I got breakfast there also. I got the Spicy Lao Salad and some Vegetable Spring Rolls, I meant to order something with meat but the owner couldn't understand what I was saying. The salad was cool, what ever the fruit is in it seamed to be the source of the spiciness, it wasn't just doused with some hot-sauce or something.

Heres a dried buffalo meat appetizer, and an ABC stout. Best snack in a while.