Bar Hopping on Kingkitsarath @ Luang Prabang

Since most of my time in Luang Prabang so far has been spent west of Phousi Mounain, I walked over to the east side of town last night to see what type of dining/drinking was available on Kingkitsarath Street. I was drawn into Aussie Sports Bar in hopes that I might find a VB or Coopers there, my dreams of drinking an Australian beer fell apart quickly, however the menu didn't disappoint. The combo I got of beer battered fish, chicken wings and meatball soup was a pleasant reminder of my time in Sydney, as were the 70s music videos playing on the TV in the corner.

Outside Aussie Sports Bar
Chicken Wings
Beer Breaded Fish
Meatballs in Soup
After finishing up here I walked north up the street till I found 5 bar. Since Id eaten a bunch of meet at the prior place I figured I could balance things out by getting some veggies here, I ordered a salad and a Lao Lao Mojito. For the third or forth time on this trip language barrier affected my order and I ended up with Fried Vegetable Spring Rolls instead of a salad, but at least the order stayed in the same food group this time. The activity here was limited, making it easy to relax and sink into my chair while working slowly at my mojito.

Outside Bar 5
Fried Spring Rolls

With a heavy buzz going I decided to try and cross the river bridge Id already passed a couple times. It was lit up with Christmas lights and across the water I could see there was some sort of activity nestled up in the trees. After making it across and climbing some rather steep stairs I found Dyen Sabai, a bar/restaurant built into the hillside. Each table here was its own deck setup at a different elevation on the hillside, giving me the feeling that I was in some sort of a Laotian tree-house. I enjoyed a chocolate banana smoothie here with 2 shots of Lao Lao added to kick my buzz into a mild drunk for the walk back across the bamboo bridge. 

Bamboo bridge over the river
Bar @ Dyen Sabai
Typical table here
My table
Chocolate Banana Lao Lao Smoothie