Night @ Phan Thiet

At night time I walked up and down the street amongst the other tourist to take in the local area around my hotel. It's a nice mix of high end waterfront resorts and low end local run shacks, the one thing they have in common is most of them offer freshly caught seafood brought in through the fishing village. Between the Hanoi vodka I kept in my room and all the drinks I had on the strip, the two days turned into a blur of annoying russians and cheep vietnamese food. Heres a couple pictures:

This is one of the shack like places I ate at, they served fresh fish however I ended up getting the frog dish instead. Frog is great, but there was quite a few bones in the dish so I didn't leave feeling filled up enough.

Somewhere across the street, not to far away on the strip I found an interesting looking bar. Once I sat down I discovered this was more of a russian hangout, although I dont like hanging around the russians too much, they do poor quite heavy. I ordered a double martini, and then told the bar tender that I'd better only drink a single to keep my spending down, in return he poured me a double and charged me for a single, a russian way to solve a problem I guess.

My favorite place to get a drink was this little shack I found right near my hotel. The owner didnt speak much english however he was entertaining to try and converse with. Here I could get coffee or beer with no mark up, or order the cheapest mixed drinks of anywhere on the strip.

Another place I happened into was Smokey House, I was drawn in by a combination of the way the place was lit up and the amount of vodka I had consumed.  I didnt spend much time here but I got an alligator salad that was delicious and then spent 30 minutes staring into the neon lights as I sipped on a mojito.

A cool thing about staying here is that if you get bored of the bars and restraunts, you can always buy your own beer and go walk around the beach where noone will bother you.