Pig Brain in Ho Chi Minh

With one day left before my flight was due to leave out of Ho Chi Minh, I had to find my way out of Phan Thiet. My original intention was to get back by train, however after speaking to several travel agents in town the best price I could find was twice what Id already paid to get from Ho Chi Minh all the way to Nha Trang. Rather then trying to get to the train station on my own to fisk out the truth, I decided to purchase a ticket for one of the fancy tourist buses(no van this time).

After arriving I checked into my hotel and then prepped for one final outing before flying out. I checked out a couple bars, but on a tuesday there isnt too much night time activity here. The third place I checked out was an underground night club called 116, my intention here was to buy a couple of mixed drinks and then head back but that went out the window quickly. A group of  locals at the table behind me bought me a shot, and then another and then another. I tried to communicate with this group but they didnt speak english, leaving me completely in the dark as to why they were partying on Tuesday night or why I was getting free shots. These people kept coming up and saying things in Vietnamese to me and then laughing uncontrollably, every once in a while they would mix it up with a high five or a thumbs up. After my sixth shot or so I decided Id better get out of this place before I get to drunk to catch my plane in the morning. On my way out the bartender explained that the people buying me shots had all taken E a couple hours before and that this behavior was normal under these circumstances.

After 6 shots and two mixed drinks, I think there is no need to try and explain the logic in how I ended my night eating a pig brain, but heres some pictures: