Mui Ne Fishing Village

In an effort to see some of the local tourist attractions, I grabbed a map from the front desk of my hotel listing the top things to see around the area. The options were basically the dunes, the town of Phan Thiet and a fishing village to the east of the tourist strip. I'd seen the town the previous day on my way in, and the dunes were the furthest away so I decided on the fishing village. After getting the price for the local tourist bus which frequents the fishing village (8,000VND), I shopped around for a couple minutes and was able to get a motorbike taxi to take me there for the same rate. 

looking west on the beach

fishing village workers

After taking a couple pictures of the boats and the workers on shore, I tried to walk up the beach to see if I could get to the peninsula to the south. Eventually I hit an area where it looked as though I'd have to cross over some property in order to advance further and some locals gave me the universal "get out of here" hand motion, so I made my way back up to the main road to find a better route. Along the road I found some sort of Buddhist temple, I wasn't positive if this was a tourist attraction or what, but the worshipers there didn't seam to mind me taking pictures of there place. After navigating the streets for a little ways I found my way to an alleyway which pointed toward the area of the beach I'd been trying to get to. Other then 2 tourists from Switzerland who'd made the same journey I had through another alleyway near by, it was more less the same on this side of the fishing village.

Buddhist temple?
guy praying at the temple

alleyway to the beach

abandon boat

On my way back toward Mui Ne I stopped by a local fishing village bar to enjoy a beer and the company of some local flies.

fishing village bar

happy girl @ bar