Panglao Island

Compared to Boracay, Pangloa island has been much less transformed by tourism. Although it's still absolutely a tourist location, it's a bit grittier and there's still evidence of the local culture all around. At night time it gets dark enough here that you can look up and spot the dense band of starts which forms the milky way, something I forgot existed after living in Beijing for a year.

Diving boat?
Some goats south of the main beach
Alona at night
One day I decided to take a rickshaw over to the opposite side of the island to see what I could find. After haggling between 3 different rickshaw drivers I was able to get the price down from 150,000 to 50,000, I was especially proud of this because I'd been told by a local at my hotel that it would cost me 150,000 due to the fact that I was a foreigner. After arriving on Doljo beach, I was unable to spot any sign of life besides some locals pacing around in the shallow water, scouring the sea floor for something. I took a brief excursion out into the water to take some pictures of the sea-life before walking west in search of a bar or restaurant. After walking for about a whole mile, I hit the western tip of the island, from where I could see that the only food I might find here would probably be out on the seafloor. Eventually I made it back toward where Id been dropped off and managed to grab a beer at some sort of all inclusive resort.

Rickshaw ride west
Doljo beach

Some sea life

At this point I started wondering where I was going
Navigating back to Alona proved to be slightly more difficult. Again the price started at 150,000, the difference here however was that this resort is so alone that there is only a small group of rickshaw drivers in front of this place, and their price is set like a union rate. Determined not to be ripped off, I started walking. During my walk I stumbled across a local village like the set of Gilligan's Island, with many palm topped huts built in-between the trees of the jungle linked together through a series of dirt walkways. There were also a couple local shops and a school, however in order to prevent becoming the focus of a local thief, I chose not to get out my camera and take photos of most of this stuff. After continuing along on my walk for about 1 mile, one of the rickshaw drivers I'd originally spoken to back at the resort rolled up to me, his price was now 50,000.

Walkway into village
Village hut