Craftworks Taphouse & Magpie Brewing @ Seoul

While I was in Insadong I googled Korean breweries and found that there were two craft breweries to the south in Iteawon 2 Dong, Craftworks and Magpie. I decided to try my luck at locating them and took the subway down toward Noksapyeon station. Without wifi to tap, my ipad was useless in helping to locate the place, so I walked in the general direction I figured I might find them. After strolling up and back down the street I'd hoped it would be on, I hung a right back onto the main road and spotted it in plain sight.

When I walked in there were a couple people waiting for tables, lucky for me someone had just left the bar so I was able to sit down immediately. I orderd myself the sampler pallet which serves you a taste of every beer on the menu except for the seasonal and got the Craftworks burger to fill my starving tourist stomach. While I waited on the burger I managed to clear through everything on the sampler, although not all astounded me, the IPAs were decent and the Oatmeal stout was worth ordering to go along with my burger. The burger was beef, yet topped with bacon and pulled pork, which turned out to be an awesome combination.

Entry to Craftworks Taphouse
My view at the bar
Full sampler
Empty sampler
Craftworks Burger
After I finished up at Craftworks, I made my way to hunt down Magpie Brewing, roomered to be around the corner. What I found was that there is an above ground tasting room, and an underground lair where more people could fit. I made my way into the underground portion.

I was too full to attempt any food here but they were serving pizza, a cheese plate and a burger.  It appeared that they were only serving 3 beers, however perhaps in the above ground tasting room there is a wider selection. They didn't have a sampler here, but were more than willing to let me get a taste of each one for free, after which I opted for the wheat, which had an interesting salt water taste...

Magpie Brewery
Underground @ Magpie