Pyong Ga Ok @ Seoul

Since I was closer to North Korea then I've been before, I decided to track down an authentic North Korean Restaurant and see how it compared to the state sponsored one I'd had in Beijing. I goolgled for a bit and was fairly frustrated with the results, most of the directions to get to these places made it sound like I would need to be able to read Korean to be able to track the place down. Lucky I finally found a blog post on Pyong Ga Ok, which described it's location just outside the Gwanghwamun subway station in detail. 

North of Gwanghwamun
Pyong Ga Ok from outside

I decide on some random soup, and some dumplings to go along with. As it turned out the soup had dumplings in it also, which basically just amounted to me getting completely stuffed off of the meal, almost to the point of being sick. If the closer you get to North Korea, the more accurately the food corresponds with what the real North Korean's eat, then my overall feeling from eating this meal was that the food in North Korea must be pretty fucking shit.

North Korean Soup
North Korean Dumplings