Victoria Peak & Hong Kong Brew House

For my first morning in Hong Kong I wandered around the area immediately around my hotel. About half a kilometer away I was surprised to run into the Honk Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, which was a nice treat for my morning with no charge for admission.

As the sun rose higher I decided to get up to Victoria Peak, which sits right at the top of the Island offering views down in all directions. I went and checked out the trolley which takes you right up the hillside on rails, however by the time I got there the wait was up to an hour and a half so I ended up opting for a taxi. Even from the road my taxi took, the ride up to the top was beautiful, winding through the skyscrapers on the edge of Central, and up through a jungle road spiraling around the mountain.

Drive up to Victoria Peak
From the top, it's almost like your looking down on Manhattan, just with a mountainous jungle rising out of it. The jungle drops down the hillside so quick that the trees which make it up start to look like lumps of grass below.

Looking to the east on the north side of the platform
Looking toward south HK and the South China Sea

After working my way back down from the peak, I went down to Central to search for the Hong Kong Brew House. They were serving one dark beer, the Sevens Stout, which I ordered to go along with the Grand Slam Burger. After a long morning involving several miles of walking, I ate every last bit of my meal.

Outside Hong Kong Brew House
Grand Slam Burger