Rua Central @ Macau

The cityscape of Macau combines the feelings of China, Portugal and Las Vegas all into one landscape. The historical Portuguese tourist attractions are roughly 500 years old, and there are about 25 of them dotted across the town. It's probably enough to warrant spending the night here in order to fit time for each attraction, however for this trip I was limited to a single day. 

Senado Square
After hopping out of the cab at Senado Square, I walked randomly through the streets and alleys feeling slightly overwhelmed by the foreign architecture and umbrella wielding tourists. After a bit of walking I eventually found myself at Igreja da Sé, I snapped a couple of photos while a fresh wave of torrential rain began to sweep over the area.

Igreja da Sé
Looking South down Rua Central
I ran along the road to search for a cozy bar to wait the rain out, when I happened into the Cathedral Cafe. I ordered a myself a Portuguese style croissant and a glass of wine to help me relax a bit while the rain worked its way by. The croissant came out bleeding cheese and egg all over the plate like wounded soldier during D-day. 

Portuguese Croissant
Inside Cathedral Cafe
Outside Cathedral Cafe
With the rain cleared up, I started to walk southward down Rua Central. This streets starts on the north side by Senado Square and eventually lands you at A-Ma Temple(closed by the time I reached it) near the south Peninsula of Macau. Near the end of the journey is Koi Kei Bakery, where I stopped to buy a couple Portuguese style chocolates for the ride back to Hong Kong.

Dom Pedro V Theatre
Saint Augustine's Church
Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

Saint Lawrence Church

Koi Kei Chocolates
Outside Koi Kei Bakery
The Macau Strip @ Night