Gangnam Station @ Seoul

Shortly after arriving at my hotel in Gangnam at 2:00 am, I ventured out to discover what this area was about. After having a drink at one of the first bars I could find near my hotel, the bartender told me that I was basically in the wrong area, and that it would be a good idea to catch a cab toward the Gangnam station subway stop.

The first alley way I walked down on the east side of the station was lined with restaurants and bars however they were all closed or closing, eventually I made my way to the west side of the station where I was able to find some signs of life. After walking the street for a while I decided to try a beer themed place called new Bray Beer, as I wasn't looking to wake with a major hangover the next day. As I got down to the bar I discovered they too were closing, however they were willing to let me buy one beer and hangout for a couple minutes to munch on some of there neon pink appetizers and listened to k-pop.

Emptied out bar street

Underground beer bar