Para Luhur Uluwatu

My last day in Bali I arranged to get a driver to take me from Ubud to the airport at Denpasar. Having not seen much of the area around Kuta, I paid a bit extra to get the guy to take me around to some extra tourist attractions. By this point in the trip I'd just about had it with the constant sales pitches everywhere I went, so when one of the "attractions" along the way turned out to be a handy-craft store, I almost reached over and strangled the guy. I could tell as we drove away from the handy-craft store that the driver was visibly shaken by whatever look I'd given him, this must have set the course straight again because there were no more "shit attractions". The highlight of the day was a temple called Para Luhur Uluwatu on the cliffs of south Kuta, where I watched the sun set one last time before flying back to Beijing.

Looking down from quite a high cliff

Tourists looking toward the setting sun

Walkway up to the top of the temple