Kiyomizu-Dera @ Kyoto

After my breakfast at Tadgs Gastro Pub, I decided to travel east into the hills of Kyoto to Kiyomizu-Dera. The walk there took me through Gion, the most geisha district of Japan; and up through the streets of Old Town Kyoto. Old Town was actually built to service tourists visiting the temples of Kyoto several hundred years ago, however it has a traditional feel to it that's well worth seeing. 

Walking along the Kamo River
Old Town
At the temple I found the "Rock of Love", which I witnessed multiple Japanese girls walking toward with there eyes closed. I think the tradition must be that if they can find the rock, then they will find love. When I witnessed this I wondered if these people were high on drugs, but I realize this must be cultural difference that takes sometime to absorb.

Not sure what this is
She searches for the Rock of Love
She might make it

Looking down toward the exit of the temple

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