Tadgs Gastro Pub @ Kyoto

Tadgs Gastro Pub was located about a 2 minute walk from my hotel near the Kamo River. They have several local craft beers on tap and a wide selection of local bottled beers also. I chose to do a tasting of 3 beers and ordered a seared beef appetizer to help myself wake up. While I waited for the beer and beef to be prepared the eclectic music and a fresh snowfall outside helped calm my sake hangover.

Bar@ Tadgs
View of the snow outside
The beef was dark purple at the core and marinated to perfection, of the beers I tried I enjoyed the dark the most (as usual), Sounan Chocolate Porter was extremely wholesomely bodied with a sweet blackberry finish, combined with the snowfall outside it reminded me of drinking hot chocolate during a winter trip to the cabin. The Y Market Craft Heart Red was worth noting also, with a comforting body followed by mellow notes of citrus.

Beer samples
Steak appetizer
Bartender waiving me goodbye
Tasting list:

Chocolate porter, wholesomely bodied, with sweet blackberry finish.

Surgugada Ipa - hoppy and citrusy

Craft Heart Red - citrus yet soft

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