North Korea Border @ Hushan Great Wall

The morning after I arrived in Dandong I rose with a small Shou Ju hangover and found myself determined to make a visit to the Great Wall at Hushan. This section of the Great Wall is the furthest east, it dead ends into the Yalu river on the border with North Korea after crossing over Tiger Mountain. The walk to the top of Tiger Mountain was a bit strenuous, at one point going up a nearly vertical stone stairway before you can reach the final stretch. The view from the top was worth it, from one side you can see the curvy path of the wall below, and from the other is a wide view from above into a North Korean military base. Sorry about the dirt on the lens...

Looking toward Tiger Mountain
Dead end trail near top
North Korean Military Base
View of Yalu River Border

Steep Stairs

After coming down from the top I took the side path down to the borderline at the Yalu River. The feeling of boundary was severely dented by the Chinese girl who'd hopped the fence to wash her cloths in the river, while the Chinese border guards carried on the operation of the snack stand 15 feet away.

Border sign
Yalu River
From the snack stand I walked along the river to a lookout, where I was able to get a better view of thew other side. I watched some of the North Korean soldiers going about their daily chores, digging ditches and moving sandbags. While I snapped photos across the river, I could see the guards in the aqua colored watch tower looking back at me with binoculars. I only noticed when I got back to the snack stand that photography of the military base on the other side was strictly prohibited.

North Korean soldiers at work
Yalu River tour boat
North Korean guard tower
Guard leaving the tower

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