Yantai Trip

My one day trip to Yantai was as spontaneous as some of my other trips, the location decided about 3 hours before the flight would be leaving Beijing. My decision was based on what I could find on the coast, that still had tickets available before 2pm.

As my plane descended over the new landscape of Shandong, I found myself reminded of the terrain of central California, the rocky formation specifically rung similar those around San Luis Obispo. The whole ride into town from the airport, the song Ventura Highway stuck in my head as we passed imagery reminiscent of one of my many rides up the coast.

After I got to town and walked around the beach front area in the center of town, I checked into my hotel and did some googling. What I learned made it all click into place, the area surrounding Yantai is considered the 7th best wine making climate in the world.

Rocky hill tops caught my eye

Peaceful highway

Sun goes down
Ultimately I didn't have time to accomplish too much here, but here are the highlights:

World Wine Walk is an empty road currently, however in about a month from now it will open. The street is lined with wine bars offering different types of wine from everywhere, all easily marked for drunk tourists to find.

Entrance to World Wine Walk

Chaoyang Street offers a wide selection of bars, it opens only after about 7 or 8pm. I found myself a nice Irish pub here called Druids and scarfed down some Fish and Chips.

Chaoyang Street
Fishing Shop
Street Vendor
Fish and Chips
Outside Druids
Yantai Monutain Scenic Area is a rocky point north of Chaoyang street, there's a lighthouse here and a couple walking paths. Some of the paths lead down to the rocks if your enjoy climbing around next to the waves, and watching locals catch crabs.

Yantai lighthouse

On the rocks

Bridge for tourists
What I managed to get to on my visit is an extremely limited sliver of what the region offers, if you have the time to do day trips there are wineries and temples scattered all around the countryside here. When I go back again Ill be allotting myself more time to explore.

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