Nanchang Fandian - Jiangxi Provincial Hotel

Another day off, another provincial hotel. This time I decided to try out Nanchang Fandian, the ride there in rain ended at what looked like something between a run down apartment building and a military compound. After I checked the address from the photo I'd taken off my computer screen earlier, I was able to verify that the Chinese characters on the compound matched the ones on the address, I was there.

Inside the compound I discovered a small room with 6 tables, which could probably double as a holding tank for offenders against the communist party. I got myself the local Jianxi Beer, some sort of hot plate of eel, and a pile of pork and veggies. I found the crunchy texture of the eel quite nice, however from what I was eating I couldn't have recognized that this was pieces of eel, for all I know this might have been a mistaken translation in the menu. The sauce at the bottom of the bowl reminded me of squid ink except with a spicy edge, I enjoyed this enough I drank several spoon fulls straight. The pork and veggie dish had quite a lot of meat however was a bit bland, to help spice it up a bit I employed yet more of my favorite eel liquid. Unfornuatly by the time I finished the eel liquid had caught up with me and I ended up leaving a pile of snot filled clean-ex on the table.

Jianxi Beer
Pork and Veggies
Eel Juice
The Holding Room
The Compound

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