WW2 Victory Parade

With the day off from work I decided what better then to go work while nobody can bother me. At my office gate I was stopped by a security officer and forced to sign a sign-in sheet which I couldn't understand before passing through the gate.

While I tried to get my day going I heard the distracting sound of aircraft from outside, after a couple minutes of this I decided to go upstairs and investigate. I found 15 other people on the roof pointing with their phones toward the south west. The planes, which it turned out were actually jets and helicopters, had laid colorful trails in the sky ending over Tianmen Square. I decided to walk away from them as close to the edge of the roof as possible.

As I stood on the roof, a security officer took interest in me, and after some belligerent hand motions and Chinese I couldn't understand, I realized this dude didn't want me on the roof. I acknowledged his request to get out, and started going toward the stairway, but near the door I encountered a couple of the people I'd seen minutes before. I figured, if there is a whole group of people who are sitting here watching this and not being bothered, maybe if I just stop and stand with them this guy will give up. After a couple more bouts belligerent hand waving toward the only foreigner in the group, through which I kept my eyes firmly on the new jets flying past, he gave up.

"Parade Blue Sky"

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