MB Beer Plus @ Ulaanbaatar

MB Beer Plus is a cozy little brewery and restaurant located close to central Ulaanbaatar. They serve 4 beers here(Wiezen, Amber, Lager and Black Consul) and a mix of international and local food. When I dropped in I had beef dumpling soup and a couple of beers to start my day; the Dark Consul had a dry effervescent taste to it and the warm soup was a great to compliment to the -20 C temperature outside. Each of the breweries I visited in UB was oriented toward a German style experience, however I felt like MB Beer plus had the most original tasting beer and overall atmosphere compared to the others. The rest of the town must agree, because when I dropped in at night the place was buzzing with energy.

Dark Consul and Amber
Dumpling soup
Brewing tanks

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