Dallah Tsunami Village @ Yangon

To access Dallah, all you need to do is hop onto a ferry across from the Strand hotel, after about 10 minutes you'll be on the south side of the Yangon river surrounded by trishaws and motorbikes fighting for your attention. Dallah is far too big to walk, so you have no choice to but to negotiate a deal with someone if you want to see the whole area.

View of the Dallah side of the river from the ferry
Exiting the ferry
The first hour of my trishaw trip was fairly boring, passing by the fishing village, and some cookie cutter pagodas and monasteries. With my morning beer wearing off, and becoming frustrated by the time spent at each location; I was on the verge of strangling my trishaw driver when we showed up at what he called the Tsunami Village.

Fishing village

The empty plain
Arriving at the Tsunami Village
I'm not sure the exact logic of this, except that the plain we were on appeared as though something had destroyed all trees, and these people's huts were in the center of it. Maybe after the tsunami destroyed the village they decided to build again in the exact same place? Anyway the people here were very welcoming, I walked all around the village for 25 minutes or so and got smiles from everyone I met; even though their lifestyle here is primitive and impoverished it doesn't appear to stop them from being happy.

Garage sale?
Checkers game

Tsunami cat
Path westward
Kid and his chicken
Washing something?
After the tsunami village, there was a quick visit to the orphanage where you can watch the children play through prison bars, and donate some money if you please. An unexpected highlight at the end of this day was when school got out, and the road we were driving down became suddenly inundated with school children walking home

School ends

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