Danuphyu Daw Saw Yee Myanma @ Yangon

Located on 29th street, close to the hotel I'm staying in is traditional Burmese shop called Danuphyu Daw Saw Yee Myanma. The dishes you find here can be found on the street for cheaper, however here you might have a balance of better hygiene, yet not served with a western makeover. Ordering is pretty simple, point at whichever pan looks appealing and see what happens; I chose a couple of veggie trays and a piece of pork and within 5 minutes I had a collection of dishes on my table. I can't say this was my favorite south east asian dish, however the pork was tasty and the value for my k5,000 (4 usd) is not something I'll contest.

View from 29th street
The menu
Dishes served
My attempt to mix the dishes on one plate
Some sort of dessert thingy

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