Humdinger Brew Pub & Uncle Johns The Brew Pub @ Kunming

After I sat down at Humdinger and browsed through the ipad menu, I quickly locked onto the sampler and ordered. Little did I know the sampler here is more like ordering a full glass of every beer. They all had a hefty hoppy taste kind of reminiscent of US craft beer, at least what it taste like 4 years ago when I was drinking it regularly; the Irish Stout was my favorite of the bunch. I had a chicken sandwich here which was pretty well prepared, fried and smothered with some spicy chipotle sauce, nothing mind blowing, but it was a welcome change after 4 days of Tibetan food and a cramped plane ride.

I have no complaints about this place, however the feeling here was much more the style of a large cooperate US brewery in every way, the HDTVs on  every wall, the brewing tanks behind glass, the incredibly large western food selection, the soft pop music selection, the overdone interior decorating and the carefully crafted lighting. After becoming familiar with some more rugged breweries in Beijing, this place kind of reminds me of what might happen if Disney created a brewery.

Cell phone for size reference


From outside
Kunming street

A small cab ride to the west you can find Uncle John's The Brew Pub, this is something closer to the feeling I am used to in a brewery. After exiting my cab, it took 15 minutes walking around a dark dingy street before I was able to find the place. Inside was much simpler feel, a couple flags hanging from the ceiling, a chock board with the food menu on it, and some blues playing in the background. I didn't realize they had a sampler until I'd already almost finished two beers, so I only got to try the imperial stout and the pale ale, which were both a bit effervescent and a tinge watery, of the two I actually preferred the pale ale, which closer resembled what it was called. Definitely check this place out anyway if you are into more simple drinking environment.

20 rmb got me two giant appetizers

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