Mr. Wong's

I spent the night last night walking through CBD with Mr. T visiting various pubs and bars when I stumbled across this Mr Wong's. It was quite well hidden, you have to walk into an alley and around the corner to find it. Once you get inside you can see that this place isn't the shithole you might expect at this location, but instead world class Cantonese cuisine.

Main road
Alley way complete with a silhouetted man and child running  at me

entrance to Mr. Wongs
Mr Wong's entrance
There was a small wait so we hit the bar, which had an upper class roaring 20s feel to it. I found eyes glued on the bartender, who had his drink mixing down to a science. He spent about 5 minutes straight piecing together a single drink for the girl next to me.

mr. wongs bar
mr. wongs bartender
Bartender hard at work
Once we got settled at our table we went ahead and ordered a shrimp dish and a pork belly dish for 30 bucks each. The pork belly was crispy and fatty, and wasn't breaded like it has been at so many places around here, allowing the flavor of the fat to shine instead of hiding behind the generic taste of the breading. It was a nice compliment to the much lighter garlic flavored shrimp.

In addition to the food, there are various interesting things around the restaurant which spice up the whole experience.

Dead Birds!
Dead Birds!
Food bar
Wine Cellar