North Sydney + Obar

Today I took the train from Central Station over to North Sydney for a couple of hours. I guess this area is only really busy during the working week so due to the fact that its a holiday the place was empty. I could only find one bar open within a mile around the train station.

I decided to abandon the desolation of North Sydney and caught a cab over to Neutral Bay which had a bit more activity. I checked out The Oaks which had 3 different bar areas including a Garden area with covered seating. At the Garden Bar I got some pretty awesome squid that was cooked in some kind of curry paste and came with a sauce similar to aunt Jemima syrup. It was like a squid pancake. I also stopped by a wine tasting bar down the street for a glass of Sangiovese.

outside the Oaks
squid at the Oaks
Garden Bar at Oaks
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Vino Bravo
inside VinoBravo
When I caught the train back I decided to get off a couple stops early at Wynward Station. I ventured into the Square Tower and found the Obar. The Obar sits at the 47th story and rotates as you drink, allowing you to see in all directions if you have a bit of patience. Judging by the size of the tacos I ordered, this is not the best place to eat if you want value.

Square Tower
view from Obar
Obar Tacos
Obar View
Sydney Harbor bridge from Obar
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