Shanghai Brewery

To start my day I decided to hop over to Shanghai Brewery in the French Quarter. This area is relaxed and clean, the trees lining the streets block any view of the skyscrapers helping you to forget where you really are. I located Shanghai Brewery after a couple minutes walking around the district, as usual I opted for a sampler, but after a couple minutes of trying to select 4 beers to fill the tray I was told that only 4 were available. Of what I tasted the dark was my favorite as usual, however nothing struck me as awesome. The fried fish burger on the other hand was quite impressive, I added bacon and a fried egg to top it off and when it arrived I inhaled it in about a minute.

French Quarter streets
Outside Shanghai Brewery
Here's my tasting notes for the beer sampler:

Black Eyed Bear Stout - taste like liquid chocolate chip cookies

North Star Ipa - has a bite, however finishes refreshing

Peoples Pilsner - slightly metallic in taste with a sweet finish

Unfiltered Weizen - carbonated lemonade, light with a lemon twist

Beer Sampler
Fried Fish Burger
Looking over the bar counter
Brewing Tanks