Mount Phousi @ Luang Prabang

Nearing the end of the day today I decided to check out Mount Phousi, the mountain top temple which Luang Prabang is built around. It was nearing sun down so I rushed to see if I could get up in time to see the sunset. Apparently I was only one of like 500 people who had the same idea, because by the time I hit the top a large crowd of camera wielding tourists had already amassed on the south western side of the temple. After the sunset I looked around from all angles down onto Luang Prabang and I I have to say that visiting this temple is a must. I talked with tourists earlier in the day who shrugged off the idea of going up here like they were above this type of touristy shit, but after seeing the view myself I think that going up here really ties together the whole experience of visiting this city.