Bungalow @ Kyoto

After recovering from walking up to the temple earlier in the day I finally made it out to research some more beer at a craft brew pub called Bungalow. Getting there took a subway ride to Shijo and a long walk in the snow. There was no sampler to be had here, so I worked my way through the darks on the list one small glass at a time while I gnawed on some broccoli.

Some Snow in Kyoto
Outside Bungalow
View of the second floor
Pale Ale
Sankt Gallen Smoked Chocolate Stout - peppery smokey, effervescent, malty

Fujizakura Heights Beer Dark Lager - this taste exactly like coke zero

Baird Beer Angry Boy Brown Ale - bitter, hoppy, chestnut

Y Market Brewing Purple Sky Pale Ale - pine tree  + clorox bleach

While pondering my thoughts on the pale ale I noticed a chef preparing dinner on a small joint across the street, I decided to hop across. My hopes were that this would be a sushi place, however it turned out to be a ramen place. I don't typically go for ramen so I ordered some dumplings and a side of bamboo.

Ramen place

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